PowerwomenTV — conceived by Emmy-nominated producer Amy Palmer — is a women’s lifestyle network created specifically for females of the millennium. The only one of its kind, PowerwomenTV delivers digital content that focuses on finance, style, beauty, career, business, health, parenting, entertainment news, real estate and current events. The platform’s mission: to entertain, empower and educate women worldwide. 

After debuting with one show, The Interview, which spotlighted women in business in New York City, PowerwomenTV received worldwide attention. This positive reception led the channel to expand and cover a broader horizon of genres for its viewers. 

By delivering high-quality content, PowerwomenTV fills a void that has existed in the media landscape for a niche market of women — females who are juggling thriving careers, growing families, household finances and social lives. Through her network, Amy Palmer aims to deliver compelling material to this under-serviced, growing and thriving demographic.

PowerwomenTV, initially launched on Taxi TV, currently runs in over 6,800 cabs in New York City, in addition to various distribution channels online.